The British Ambassadors Belly Dancer

Arts Theatre – West End
Arcola Theatre

Cast and Creative
Written by Craig and Nadira Murray and Alan Hescott
Directed by Thomas Hescott
Performed by Nadira Murray
Designer Carrie Southall
Lighting Richard Howell

Nominiated for Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award

“An amazing, harrowing, sickening, uplifting and unexpectedly brilliant piece of theatre” The Spectator

When Nadira was a child she dreamt of growing up to become an actress. She grew up to be a teacher, a drugs runner, and then a belly dancer.

In 2004 Craig Murray – the British Ambassador for Uzbekistan – made two life changing decisions: firstly he spoke out against the British Government using intelligence gained under torture by states such as Uzbekistan. Secondly he left his wife to be with Nadira who he’d seen dancing in a nightclub in Tashkent.

For the first time on stage Craig and Nadira tell their own story, as it happened to them. They will tell all: the politics, the dirty tricks, the shenanigans, the journey from ambassadorial palace to rented flat in Shepherds Bush and Craig’s obsession with Dennis the Menace ties. This will be their unadulterated story.