Chamber of Curiosities

Latitude Festival 2013

Written by Tom Morton-Smith
Directed by Thomas Hescott
Design: Ellan Parry

Helen Clark
Jennifer Tan
Rebecca Tanwen

Production Photographer Richard Lakos

The Easterbrook Museum was founded in 1876 by Charlton Ambrose Easterbrook. Having inherited his father’s sugar business, Easterbrook opened his private collection of curios and ephemera to the public. Successive generations have expanded the collection and the museum has grown to become one of the foremost privately owned collections of curious artefacts in the country. Here we present a small selection of our many items to amaze and dazzle you. Join chief curator Lydia Easterbrook in the faraway forest as she guides you through the astounding stories that surround her family’s collection.

Part installation, part play, Francesca Moody presents a curious new work written by Tom Morton-Smith.