Wilton's Music Hall
26th September - 27th October


Lead writer James Graham
Directed by Thomas Hescott
Movement by Kane Husbands
Designer Ellan Parry
Lighting Designer Elliot Griggs
Sound designer and composer James Frewer

Writers Room

Aaron Douglas
Chloe Mi Lin Ewart
Alan Gordon
Adam Hughes
Ella Langley
Himanshu Ojha
Sumerah Srivastav
Naomi Westerman


Samuel James
Penny Layden
Nav Sidhu
Sean Michael Verey
Sophie Wu


In the Victorian surroundings of Wilton’s Music Hall, Charles Dickens’ London is reimagined for the 21st Century…

Twenty-four hours in the life of a city, with 371 people in every square kilometer, and an infinite number of stories. Heroes, and villains. Adventures, and the everyday.

Olivier Award-winning playwright James Graham (Quiz, Ink, Labour of Love) leads a group of writers to create a uniquely crowd-sourced play. Taking inspiration from Sketches by Boz, Dicken’s panoply of London and its Londoners, his big characters and sweeping narratives are updated for the modern age, incorporating the broadest range of voices from across the community in a theatrical whirligig of wonder and imagination. Love Actually meets Magnolia on stage.

Different nights, different stories, unlimited possibilities.