The Dark Room

Directed by
Thomas Hescott

Written by
Toby Davies

Produced by
Paddy Hughes

Executive Producer
Haydn Baldwin-Smith


Augustus Pike – Mathew Baldwin
The Smart Man – David Mitchell
The Landlord – Ian Hallard
The Charity Collector – Miles Jupp
The Agent – Tom Golding
The Teacher – Gus Brown
Laughing Partygoer – Tom Allen
Karen – Anna Francolini
Diner One – Camille Ucan
Diner Two – Andrew Doyle
School Photographer – Simon Lennon
Dark Room Photographer – Barry McStay

School Children

Jordan Broatch
Ben Goodman
Benjamin Callinicos
Sam Graves
Savannah Baker
Isobel Pace
Charli Brown
Jessica Rhodes
Jo Favell

Supporting Artists

Abigail Rose
Tom Hobbes
Jahanna James
Elena Procopiu
Chiara Scalco
Leyla Hollie

Director of Photography
Chris Fergusson

Grant Olding

Art Director
Megg Witts

Ruka Johnson

Ian David Smith

Casting Director
Thomas Hescott

Production Manager
Paddy Hughes

1st Assistant Director
Gary Richens

Focus Pullers
Matt Choules
Jack Harrison

2nd Camera Assistant
Sam Taylor

Joe Janiero

Haavard Heele
Ben Skyrme

Tom Redhead
James Wyatt

3rd Assistant Director
Vlad Cirdeiu

Props Master
Nat Bocking

Script Supervisor
Irene Maffei

Art Department Runner
Hannah Parsons

Make Up
Jade Levene-Enfield

Luke Price

DIT / Colourist
Alix Milan

Motion Graphics
Chris Cousins

Augustus Pike woke up covered in sweat and shuddering with shame and regret. He was remembering a slightly stupid remark he had made at a party in 2005 to some people who he didn’t really know. This was not uncommon for Augustus, who frequently encountered crippling bouts of latent embarrassment – for things that had happened up to two and a half decades ago. Then one day he discovered a way to right the wrongs of his past.

A dark comedy short by Toby Davies and produced by Cinema Hades



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