Wolves at the Window

59E59 Theater – Off Broadway
Arcola Theatre London

Written by Toby Davies
Directed by Thomas Hescott
Designer Maureen Freeman
Lighting Richard Howell
Sound and music Tim Saward

Jeremy Booth
Gus Brown
Anna Francolini
Sarah Moyle

Production Photographer Richard Hubert Smith

“Masterful! Great Humor and style. For those willing to enter this strange and singular world Wolves provides an invaluable introduction to an author who should be far better known on these shores” New York Post

“piercingly funny, the audience howled” Huffington Post

“Of a quality you don’t have a right to expect” Metro ****

Embark on a unique flight of fancy into the comical elegantly macabre, witty world of Saki, the great Edwardian satirist who influenced AA Milne and PG Woodhouse.

A seamless interweaving of Saki’s best known, mordantly funny tales – no less potent or controversial today than they were 100 years ago.