What does the future hold without Drama UK?

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Originally published in The Stage, October 2016

Speak to any course leader or drama school principal and it is hard to get any consensus over the demise of Drama UK. Many drama schools valued the work that Drama UK did. Drama Centre principal Jonathan Martin told me: “On a simple level, Drama UK offered us the opportunity to work together to coordinate practices that otherwise might have put conservatoire schools in unnecessary competition with each other.”

Some stayed with Drama UK until quitting recently, but could see big problems with the structure. As RADA’s Edward Kemp puts it: “The problem is in part the hugely different challenges different parts of the sector face.”

Others never wanted Drama UK in the first place, and are glad to see the back of it. Annemarie Lewis Thomas, who founded the Musical Theatre Academy, has long been an outspoken opponent: “I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’ve always felt that Drama UK was an archaic institution that didn’t add anything to vocational training in the UK, other than the marketing advantage it gave to its members.”

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